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Primary Nursing Care
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Primary Nursing Care is published quarterly in full colour 216mm x 216mm format and contains relevant and essential clinical and professional information as well as keeping members informed of developments that affect or have repercussions in their working environment. Primary Nursing Care is the journal of the CDNA and the main communication vehicle for it’s members. With over 5000 members Primary Nursing Care has a total print run of 5500 which allows for promotional copies at exhibitions and the numerous roadshows throughout the UK and also recruitment.

CDNA holds a very comprehensive complimentary list which it uses to promote the Association. This list comprises of major decision makers with the National Health Services, politicians and leading educational specialists.


Primary Nursing Care1 issue2 issues4 issues
Full Page4 Colour13201100660
 2 Colour1100880440
Half4 Colour770615415
 2 Colour550525330
Quarter4 Colour385330275
 2 Colour330275220

Special rates are available for different products (classifieds) and also special positions Inserts are available at £300 (subject to weight)

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