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Having previously raised awareness of Domestic Abuse the CDNA recognised that elderly people were, as a group, often forgotten by other members of society and particularly vulnerable to abuse. Feeling that something needed to be done on this issue the CDNA refocused its efforts on Elder Abuse.

A report, 'Responding to Elder Abuse', was produced in September 2003, which helped raise awareness and provided guidance to practitioners recognising and dealing with Elder Abuse. This was a major step forward in the protection of those who suffer from abuse and many of the recommendations from the report are being implemented across the country.

Following the publication of the document the CDNA provided evidence to a House of Commons Select Committee investigation into Elder Abuse.

Since the report was made public the CDNA has continued to work closely with other agencies to raise the issue of Elder Abuse and we are members of the Strategic Alliance which was formed to maintain these working relationships on Elder Abuse. Members of the group include:
  • Action on Elder Abuse
  • Help the Aged
  • POPAN - Prevention of Professional Abuse Network
  • Age Concern
  • National Patient Safety Agency
  • Relatives and Residents Association
  • PAVA - Practitioner Alliance Against Abuse of Vulnerable Adults
  • RCN
The CDNA is continuing to further develop our role through working to highlight the issues of Abuse to any member of society and looking to our members to work actively to prevent abuse to their patient.

Look out for more information on World Elder Abuse Awareness Day on 15th June 06

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