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Join the CDNA today: there's a lot more to being a member than you might think and it's so easy! Find out about the host of unique benefits of the CDNA by clicking Here!

Click here to download a printable version of our application form. Alternatively, fill in the form below and you will then receive your payment details and membership pack within 14 days. Join the CDNA and make a difference today.

Our Constitution and Rules can be found HERE. The completed form should be sent to CDNA, FREEPOST LON3436, London, W5 2BR.

   How to Join CDNA

Step 1. What sort of membership do you require?
Full Membership

Designed for professionals who are currently in practice. Gives access to the full range of member benefits. Please indicate your area of practice from this drop down menu:

Full membership costs 119.50 per year, payable in two installments of 59.75 or by direct debit of 9.96 per month.

HCA/Auxiliary Member 74.25 per year, payable in two installments of 37.13 or by direct debit of 6.19 per month.

Affiliate Membership

Those professionals who wish to gain most benefits of the association without professional indemnity insurance or legal support.
Affiliate membership costs 59.75 per year, payable in full or by direct debit of 4.98 per month.

Associate Membership

For students and those retired from practice who want to keep informed of changes within community nursing. Please indicate

Retired     Student

Date retired or commenced course:

Associate membership costs 17.50 per year, payable in full.

Step 2. Tell us about yourself.
Title: (Mr, Mrs, Ms, Dr, etc.)
First Name(s):
(include STD code)
Where did you hear
about the CDNA:
If you are currently employed please tell us:
Present Employer:
Employer Type:
If other please specify:
Place Of Work:
Present Post:
If you are currently registered with the UKCC please tell us:

Step 3. What is your preferred payment method?
Monthly Direct Debit (Full or Affiliate membership only)

We'll send you a direct debit mandate through the post. Complete it and return it to us in the envelope provided.
Full membership is 9.96 per month (= 119.50 per year).
Affiliate membership is 4.98 per month (= 59.75 per year).

Cheque (Associate members only)

Send no money now. We will send you an invoice for the amount detailed below, which we ask you to pay within 7 days.
Full membership: 119.50 payable in two installments of 59.75 The second installment is due after 6 months.
Affiliate membership: 59.75 payable in full.
Associate membership: 17.50 payable in full.

Step 4. Agreement.
You must agree to the following before you application can continue. Make sure you have read and understood the constitution and rules then if you agree, tick the box and click 'Join the CDNA!'.
I wish to join the Community and District Nursing Association and agree to be bound by the Constitution and Rules.

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